carb, sensor & egr cleaner

super efficient carb and sensor cleaner

excellent for egr (exhaust gas recirculation)

reduces pollution

good for the environment

smooths out rough idling

helps to prevent engine stalling


brake & parts cleaner

effective treatment

stops squeeky brakes

ensures brakes deliver optimum performance

good safety enhancer


white grease

a superb general purpose lubricant

easily visible where it has been applied

scientifically formulated to resist heat, salt, and water

protects against corrosion

for use on bearings, hinges, springs, gears, O rings,

sliding shackles, and striker plates


maintenance spray

probably the most efficient rust penetrant with lubricant

and moisture repellent

state of the art formulation

penetrates seized, rusted, and corroded parts

assists with dismantling and assembly


air conditioning sanitiser

inhale fresh, clean air while you drive

the safest industry-standard treatment to eliminate

contaminents in the air con system

destroys bacteria, mould, fungi, and odours that build up in

the air con system


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automotive treatments

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