engine flush

the best product for your engine

cleans and flushes your engine 

increases miles per gallon

improves performance

reduces oil consumption

prolongs engine life

frees your piston rings

reduces exhaust smoke and pollution

improves starting

quietens hydraulic valve lifters

reduces the chance of roadside breakdown

pass your MoT

saves fuel

great for any age car

suitable for all oil types

oil seal conditioner

formulated to rejuvinate and revitalise older, hardened

and shrunken rubber seals

has the amazing power to give rubber a new lease of life

for both inside the engine and for external rubber seals such as sun roof seals

excellent for O rings and rubber gaskets in engines, power steering units, and gear boxes

long lasting; this treatment cures and prevents

prolongs seal and gasket life

helps maintain oil preasure

stabilises operating temperature

minimises corrosion

reduces blue smoke

suitable for all oil types

friction fighter

the most perfect lubricant for your engine

prolongs engine life like nothing else

better mpg

increases performance

reduces pollution

coats all internal metal surfaces to reduce friction in

engines, gearboxes, and axles

not for use when motorcycle clutch is in oil


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